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It's another comic by Rudolph Ravioli!

Rudolph Ravioli has been using the word "borf" since 2003, and it appeared in a Ragnarok Wisdom comic in mid-2004. Then suddenly this anti-corporate vandalism movement pops up called Borf. Ol' Rudy Ravioli was weirded out by the coincidence, but not weirded out enough to reference The Other Borf with his borf.

The difference is, when Rudolph Ravioli borfs, he's not fighting The Man, per se. He's championing The Random ... Though, "random" has the word "man" in it. Could he be a champion of The Man?! Well, the remaining letters in "random" spell out "rod," so he could be championing the man rod—wait what the heck am I saying?! AUGH

... Man, I love that picture of Howard Dean. I need to find a full body shot of that! ... What the hell am I doing in the last few panels? That's scary. Rudolph Ravioli, you're scary.

You guys are probably wondering who all those people are. Well, I can provide an answer or three! The angular guy wearing blue and grey would be Inmate from Planet Badness. The yellow dude in green is Parsley, the main character of RUN! RUN! RUN!—that's the game that Wervyn, Es (GO PLAY HOBO DAN), and I created as a team for one of the recent Days of Zeux. I think I've mentioned participating in those before. We won first place for that puppy! Oh, and the floating disembodied head belongs to Beige.
Look at those JPEG artifacts! Rudolph Ravioli could have asked me for the source bitmaps if he wanted ...

Comic #221

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