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JEEZ. It seems like December just FLIES by compared to the rest of the year.
I turn around and suddenly Christmas gives way to New Year's.

So long, 2005! I'll always remember you for being my favorite number (5) and hosting the great Day of Jam, which was also Gut's birthday ... poor guy, to be born on the day that would turn the world into jam.

I've been told by Sir Hawkeye before that if I ever ran out of ideas, I could always either reference Monty Python or do the Jim Henson strategy—which is to blow everything up.

Now I'll admit, blowing things up is very cathartic (and quite the icebreaker!), but that's more Nth Power's claim to fame! Well ... I guess it wouldn't matter, he is part of the cast.

Regardless! I don't think this comic is what Sir Hawkeye meant when he gave me that advice ... heh heh.

Not that I didn't have any ideas, mind you! It's just that the idea was pretty friggin' spontaneous. The "leap second" was covered on the news, and this whole comic idea popped into my head soon after.

... man, am I the only one who saw a different and far more vulgar word when looking at the word "flick" here? Anime Ace is prone to wackyparsing!

Anyway, enjoy, and see ya'll in ...
the futuarrrrr

Comic #223

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