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So, Sniff and I were talking about the lack of elemental shields in Ragnarok Online earlier. What you're seeing right now is an only slightly exaggerated retelling of his treatment of the topic. No lie!

For the most part, to both his knowledge and ours, as of this writing very little elemental armor and clothing exists, even—and, as we discuss in the comic itself, even less so in the way of shields. I think currently the only shields that exist with any sort of elemental affinities are the Crusader and Paladin shields. Ragnarok Online might get some more shields later on, but for now—well, there's really not that many shields with latent elemental qualities.

I STILL have no idea where Sniff found that car—no, it wasn't sitting there in the street before! Why else would I be staring looking mildly disturbed? Sniff drug that car all the way here from ... wherever it was! Though if you're well versed in games from the nineties, you just might know where this car came from!

No, this cameo is not Zelse posing as Major Alex Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist! Besides, Armstrong's got a blond curly Baby Herman kind of haircut. Selse's hair is blond, too. He'd need to drink Swordieade to even look remotely like Armstrong, though.

Comic #225

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