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Somebody pushed my rant button again! You people gotta stop doing that! See, I'd been looking at some stuff on the latest content coming down the pipe from Gravity KR. Some of the snide remarks made by people in the peanut gallery of such sites were ... less than pleasant to read. I'd hulk out, but I'm not a Lord Knight, nor am I a Champion, so Frenzy and Fury are out. All I can do is get angsty! Speaking of ... the previous Angsty Aragan comic, which was like ... more than a hundred comics ago. Yowza.

I ganked these backdrops from a preview presentation Gravity held at a Japanese expo back in 2003ish. If you don't believe me about mercs and this ... uh ... third nation whose name is not yet pinned down ... being three years old in the making, check the Prontera Parish boards—specifically this thread. The good Cap'n Duck used to be the Parish's source of new info and often posted announcements on new stuff. Jeez, talk about doing the timewarp! Anyway, I can't wait to see what the new nation's like. I wonder if the city of Daema will be there—for those who haven't read Myung-Jin Lee's graphic novels, it's a city mentioned several times there. One of Freya's valkyries uses the city as an HQ. Here comes Optimus Prime to save the day! Though mostly he came for the boobies.

Comic #229

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