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Here's another comic spawned from Sniff's suggestions!

Namely, his suggestion that I take some time to explore the effects of overdosing on awakening potions.

If those potions really do awaken people, I could really use some of them.

I hate sleeping! I prefer to be awake and productive! Maybe I should learn how to do lucid dreaming or ... something.

Then again, if I did that, Sniff would probably be shooting me with the sheep cannon all night!


Have you ever tried goat's milk? I can't stand the taste of it. It's like eating a latex glove.

I kinda didn't know this at the time I was working on the comic, as Tristan Aileron had to point it out to me—but iRO now has the inns I was looking forward to, with full HP/SP refill for 100z and acts as a respawn point.

Not a bad deal!

Comic #231

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