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So I bet a lot of you are wondering: What the heck is up with that blue bird and why is it talking in Rudolph Ravioli's dialect? It's Victoreet, the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC channel's mascot. He might look like the avian homunculus, Fillr, but he's not! He's a cross between an Anarchy Online reet (parrot native to Rubi-ka) and a budgie. Well ... actually, he's a cross of both those and RO's Filir now. I thought up the concept of Victoreet initially as an alternate character while playing Anarchy Online. See, in AO, there's an Adventurer class that can shapeshift into other forms, including reets (the parrots I mentioned). I intended to have Victoreet as a semi-permanent reet, flying around cities and goofing off while rambling.

Over time, he became the #ragnarokwisdom mascot, and quite a few people there have wanted to see him in RW itself. Which makes him a perfect companion for Doctor Doolittle—I mean Doctor Dorfbloogle!

Comic #232

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