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So, for the record, the details of the iRO quest—a Leprechaun in a Pronteran tavern needed our help in recovering his gold from Evil Snake Lord and his minions. If we returned his gold he'd offer to make us his Green Ale—which required a ton of clovers and five alcohol vials.

The ale is worth it though—restores half of your HP and SP, but it MIGHT make you drunk. (Yes, it actually causes status ailments—specifically, Chaos. Or was it Hallucination? Not sure. But it's freaky—the screen ripples and any damage you take is exaggerated). After giving him the clovers and junk, you can make more ale just by giving him five coins.

As you can see ... the snakes spawned WITHIN towns AND novice areas. Initially, these monsters were carbon copies of their normal selves—HP, skills, attack power, everything. Made things extremely dangerous for a lot of people (at least they WARNED us ... ), but I got to find out that I can solo Isis with relative ease! iRO's GMs apparently thought this too cruel (I'd agree honestly) and edited the monsters to have something like 50 HP—even Evil Snake Lord himself. This solved a lot of problems for the mid and upper level people, but Isis and Sidewinder—not to mention ESL himself—are too overwhelming for a novice or low levelers. Especially given they get their hits in first before the player does.

Oh well. You win some, you lose some. On the upside, this quest has been VERY profitable for entrepreneurs, netting in gobs of zeny from people who don't want to hunt for the needed items.

Comic #235

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