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When I was working on the comic, I didn't know who this person was—just saw 'em once running through Prontera, and the choice of name amused me. Normally I'd be apprehensive about doing something like this, but she named herself after a city in the game—and if you think about it, anyone could have wound up doing that!

I try to use the official artwork as a reference when drawing characters in Ragnarok Wisdom; their haristyles, their clothes, and so forth. While the Rekenber HQ isn't glowing with gold in the game, it does have a pretty uncanny resemblance to the um ... yeah!

This comic could be considered a ... frankenstein of events if you will. I haven't seen Mark in a while, but he's made these kinds of jokes in the past, so it's definitely his style! Once, in our guild's IRC channel, MVE couldn't hold it anymore in response to a female guildmate flirting with another one of our group, and totally went nuts with the innuendo comments about temples. All while spewing tons of blood out his nose.

That's our Mark Van Exel!If you don't get the innuendo, well, uh ... um ...

I'm not gonna say what it's referring to! I will keep the ESRB Teen rating no matter what!

Comic #237

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