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I've been meaning to make a comic of this ever since I first started Ragnarok Wisdom. No time like the present!

This is an old story from the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard that actually happened, and it's an explanation for why Sniff calls Isis "his wife." (For some reason, he calls Obeaune his daughter too. ... I don't ask! )

... Okay, I miiiight have overexaggerated some parts of this story, but hey, it STILL happened in the end!

Man, look at those lemmin's. You know, I don't see that in RO much anymore; crowds of people flocking to a warp portal and cutting the person who paid for it off, I mean. Maybe that's because we Acolytes (AND Priests) have learned to put the portals on top of the person who's paid before anyone can shut it down.

Then the portal hoppers come to hoppity hop hop hop portal

There was this one time in Beta-1 when an Acolyte had fun with the lam0rz at Izlude. He cast Warp Portal on one of the flower boxes, so no one could get in it.

I swear to you, nearly everyone in the area suddenly ran for the portal once it was opened! Those of us with a brain (read: all the nearby Acolytes) were laughing our asses off for quite a while, watching the lemming lamers try and get into the portal.

That kind of thing is just bizarre, you know? People losing their mind, dropping whatever they were doing at the moment to dive into a completely random portal without knowing where it'll go.

In this case, it led that whole pile of people into the boobs of an Isis!

—Er ...

... Well, not DIRECTLY into them, but ... I mean ...


Oh good Load.

You know what? I'm—I'm just not going to think on that line of thought anymore.



Comic #24

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