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I get this creeping suspicion that this comic might get taken the wrong way by certain people, so I made a disclaimer comic to follow up on this one—so hold your bad thoughts and indignant mail until then! I'll be on the White House press conference shortly.

In the days of yore, when botting was an extremely serious problem on iRO. Now granted, it's not nearly as bad as it used to be, but botters are still a common sight, especially on profitable maps. Open Beta 3 was the worst of all; back then, lot of the botters were just griefers who would deliberately make armies of bots—hundreds of botting accounts just to try and overload iRO's servers with them.

A lot of the botters were either lazy, morons, or both—because the type of bot they used could be controlled in-game. If no "administrator" password was set, anyone who so much as sent the bot a private message would be given complete control, with a greeting message very much like the one our rogue-bot gives here.

After that, they'd be capable of commanding the bot to do just about anything—a lot of the more vengeful iROers would use this to force the botters to give up their items and zeny, then order the bot to log off.

Sadly (for those of us who want to actually play the game at least), practically all of the bots in use today no longer have this glaring weakness.

You know what I REALLY miss, though? The ability to just sit down next to a bot in order to crash their program. Sasami and some of her crew used to do that to bots back in the early betas, and it was very effective at bot pest control!

Comic #242

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