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Why would I spend time making comics like this (and like 219) when they're more like rants and not comics? In this case, it was necessary—in the past, people have spread rumors about me being misogynist or chauvinist. Those kinds of people could easily twist the previous comic into "evidence" that I support slavery for women or something completely off the wall like that.

So, I'm going to say it loud and clear: I do not support slavery of women, I do not hate women, nor I do not think men are inherently better than women. In fact, I try to be egalitarian. That is to say, I think people should be judged more on their actions and personal abilities, rather than by some sort of demographic. If I have to prove that to you guys, I'll clone Corigan and set his army of streaking selves loose upon you all! I am serious about what I said in that second panel, though. Some of the perviest (real) women I've met, I've met on RO. It's scary!

Comic #243

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