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Today is Gut Funk's birthday! Which means that everyone's birthdays will be rolling around the corner in rapid secession. Er, wait, I mean succession. The comics are not seceeding from the Union!

*ahem* Therefore, it's time for another miniseries!

Which makes Gut Funk ... our first victim.

It's been worth the time spent making this comic! Gut Funk's reaction to this comic before it was uploaded made it all worth the while. The best birthday presents I can give are the ones that make people laugh!

That said, this part here—with the little "PDA animation" (not Public Display of Affection—you can get that anytime in RO, but I mean PDA as in Personal Digital Assistant) is likely making people go "wtf" instead of "lol," if anything.

That means my plan is working!

If you're curious, I WAS planning to use this for screenChaos222 somehow—this is actually a riff on one of the team introductions I worked on for a Day of Zeux competition with Rudolph Ravioli and a few other people from the Megazeux community.

Given our team number was 222, that Gut Funk's birthday comic would be screenChaos222, that his last birthday was the infamous Day of Jam, and that he is now 25 (5 times 5!) ... there was a lot of serendipity to be had here!

The original intro is a lot like this, except of course it concerned itself more with team names. Oh, and it had sound too! Some of the teammates voiceacted for it.

... You know, I really need to try and keep those rosaries on our priestly quartet. I tend to forget to add those with any sort of consistency.

Or perhaps ... it is a plot point!

*ominous music*

... Do you realize how hard it was to get a good shot of the actual Prontera WoE map? I was hoping for an actual bird's-eye-view of the area itself, rather than of the minimap "God's eye view" as it were; there's more depth to be had if you're viewing the area as a pigeon than looking at it from the Empyrean.

No, I did not mean the Emperium Room by that! That's more of a ... "trapped inside the deepest part of a WoE fort" kind of view! That's TOTALLY not what I had in mind!

... of course, while we're on the topic of birds and the view from their eyes, I wouldn't want to be the pigeon that got too close to this when it happened.

I think it's safe to say that insurance refuses to cover any property in or around Prontera nowadays. Between Gut Funk, Nth Power, and El Blargo, the city has been blown up and flooded more times than I can count.

The sad part is, in every instance that it happened, they weren't even trying.

Anyways ... Time to wrap it up:

Happy Birthday again, Gut Funk! Try to not get too close to the birthday candles ...

Comic #244

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