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Alright guys, here you go, part 2 to the Birthday WoEs minisaga!

(Man, I'll never get tired of that, the word 'woe' being so full of punny ROness ... )

Well, okay, so maybe it's not so much of a saga. Or a sagging sack of Sages, for that matter. (Eww.)

As you've probably guessed by now, looking at the dating convention—

What, you say this comic wasn't added on the 6th, but the 7th of May?



Anyways, as you probably guessed, and can now see if you're reading this alongside the comic, this comic was made for Zelse's 20th birthday.

I dunno why, it seems like most of the RWers have birthdays in a tight cluster during the springtime. Me, Lunaris, Nth Power, and Sniff hold the rear guard in the birthday fort over in the fall time of the year, though.

It kinda broke my heart to do this.

Seriously, it would really suck to be put in Zelse's place here, having organized a birthday party and all your friends forgot about you!

Kind of like how I totally forgot about Tristan's birthday this year. Which was March 22nd.

Sorry about that, Trist. ;_;

You know what I need to do? I need to get something like a Windows XP program that pops up a notification of important events coming up. I haven't seen something like that, but having some kind of messenger that utilizes the Windows XP pop-up notification word balloon salad thing would be great for a guy like me!

You know what? I take it back. I think the pigeon's-eye-view pictures of the Pronteran WoE maps are the best part of this miniseries! Especially here, with the bombed out Olympic sized pool courtesy of Zelse's tragedy.

Anyway ... happy birthday, Zelse! Hope this comic pleases your tear ducts with pleasant honeydew. ;_;

Comic #245

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