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I seriously hope you do enjoy that cake, Zelse!

You'll notice it's different from the ones Nth bakes. Saint Dee got his at a bakery, colored to match the Priest uniform. If we had asked Nth Power to bake such a cake for us, well ... I'd be kind of scared to know what ingredients he put into it. It'd probably make Zelse cry even harder in that case, and then we'd really be screwed!

Anyway! If you're wondering where the cake is supposed to represent the gold bits of a priest's uniform ... it's in the candles! It's kind of hard to make gold frosting. Yellow just doesn't cut it, and if you used real gold for the frosting you'd turn into Midas. Trust me, that's not as fun as it sounds.

I am certainly not speaking from past experience in trying Nth Power's cakes! No siree!

Also, I think this is one of the few comics where I managed to slip Suzuran Majere in for a major speaking part.

In fact, this comic DOES include a lot of guys we rarely see in comics. Which is my fault.

I think this is one of those times where I'm gonna have to link back to the disclaimer comic that followed #220. In fact ... I might have to do that any time I feature MVE or Lenz doing what they're best at, just to ward off any unpleasantries. Their antics would invite a lot of misunderstanding from those prone to misunderstand!

To be frank though—a lot of the nicknames for the gender of each class (if applicable) aren't implying that everyone who plays said class is that way. The nicknames are, primarily, spawned from whatever the class wears, or sometimes their skill sets, or their behavior in-game (like how they walk or sit or suchlike).

If you were wondering why I said all that, well, this last panel is why!

Most people aren't going to pay heed to that sign. The fish will be well fed!

Now I'm going to run far, far away.

Comic #246

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