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I wound up crashing out in the middle of working on this. People tell me I was apparently muttering "gotta take back the base" in my sleep. What. I swear, I need to lay off the blue herbs!

Now, as far as the whole ROLJ thing, it wasn't as bad as I make it sound with my ranting here. Some of the RW cast warned me that the player of Lighthalzen posted about "getting her shit ripped" on ROLJ and I managed to track her down and try to straighten things out. After I did that, people who thought the comic was indeed funny and unoffensive (which was my intention!) spoke up, but man, the people who first responded to Lighthalzen's posts were like porings on jellopy!

... while we're on this subject, I bet money someone will yell at me for using this scene from Anchorman as an analogy to what were mostly angry women who went "HOW DARE YOU CALL HER A MAN" over the whole thing.

Sheesh, it was someone I randomly spotted in RO, you guys expect me to differentiate a male-playing-female and a true female at a glance? Granted, they were more annoyed with the cynicism involved, but come on.

I don't have internet x-ray vision!
(If I did, that'd be kind of creepy.)

How much you wanna bet? 100z? I don't have much zeny to spare! I'm not like some of these high rolling War of Emperium guildies and their billions of zeny!

As much as I antagonize Spinny, I mean no harm! I throw teeth at him, he calls me an old fart, and then kick back with a few red potions while our respective cast members fight on Celebrity Deathmatch!

Comic #247

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