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So now iRO is "officially" three years old. I say "officially" because it's actually been around for longer—but, you'd know that if you've read from the beginning. I guess they aren't counting the open beta and alpha periods!

Anyway, this covers the quest iRO's made for the anniversary. The reward is pretty sweet—a temporary item—a baseball hat, even—that increases your EXP gain when you wear it.

Anyway, i should point out that this is not an ENTIRELY accurate depiction of how the quest is taken—you pick up your hat in Alberta, yes, but it's at the docks and not in a building—the guy you work with is a shady character, but more of a big burly rogue than a guy who enjoys shade. I liked the "ominous building" idea instead. Artistic license! Nyeh!

It's true, however, that (at least at one point, they might change it in response to player input) you had to pick up your hat a specific time(s), and if you missed all those times you'd have to come back the next day.

Now see, this is why I choose to ship things via the United States Postal Service! Er—wait, they're predominantly white and "bird waste" is usually white ... oh damn it isn't there any shipping service that can't be construed this way?!

Comic #249

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