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This is based on a suggestion Theogrin threw at me last week; a comic idea involving aqua regia. I didn't wind up using his idea, but this comic did spawn from his suggestion after I looked up aqua regia and what it does, so he still deserves your kudos if you enjoy this comic! It wouldn't have come about without his bouncing his rubber balls of ideas at me.

Sniff's Anarchy Online counterpart Jechno the Fixer would probably mistake aqua regia for the blood of a Royal Reet. Unlike King Pecos, Royal Reets are findable in-game ... in fact, I ran into one when I played Anarchy Online last year. ... or was it two years ago? My mind is slipping!

Though they may be Reets, they're not to be confused with Victoreet, though. 'v'

Or Beige.

Now, you might be thinking that I came up with this whole aqua regia thing, right? That there's no such thing as aqua regia in the real world?

Chemists would disagree!

Aqua regia is a real-life corrosive substance that's so named because it can dissolve "royal metals" like gold and platinum.

In fact, it was discovered by real alchemists!

Uh let's see ... *factchecks* Jabir Ibn Hayyan, I think it was, around the ninth century.

Isn't it ironic, though? One of the major goals of alchemists throughout history has always been to transmute things into gold, but instead they discover a way to dissolve gold.

Them's the breaks, I suppose; but hey, there's some silver lining in that acidic vapor.

Aqua regia has many uses! (Like one-shotting Golden Thief Bugs.)

Aqua regia tends to look like how I pictured it, too! I know it's commonly red or yellow-ish. Though rather than blood, to me it looks more like ... fruit juice, 'cause of how watery it appears. (Do not EVER mistake it for fruit juice.)
The only real difference here is that aqua regia doesn't last long after it's made. This is RO, though! You can keep ice cream in a Kafra's malletspace for years and it'll never melt!

Poor Nth. He wanted a little repeat history and Sniff poured acid on his crown jewels—WAIT! I NEVER MEANT IT LIKE THAT!

Comic #252

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