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Behold, the return of Corigan to the forefront!

I never get tired of using this side profile shot of him.

With that helm of his, he kind of looks like the prow of a battleship or something. Like he's going to sail right through the comic and smash through the comic canvas, then sail on out of the monitor to destinations unknown!

... Or maybe he just looks more like a watergun shooting target like the kind you'd see at a carnival's midway games attraction.

Shoot Corigan with streams of Swordieade to increase his STR stat!

... Hm. This all gives me ideas!

If I was there when this happened and if I didn't know Corigan better, I would have mistaken what just happened for the lot of them all deciding to have a spontaneous moment of silence. Though I wouldn't know how they would have decided to do that, so I probably would've gotten the hint pretty quicky. :D;;

Comic #253

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