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I had to change this comic several times while making it to try and get more correct info about it. In fact, the first panel miiiight be misleading, though I think the item images included here imply what the meaning is.

—Anyway, for posterity; the boxes were color coded, and when used would procure a lotto ball of a given number range. The balls themselves are not colored by number range, but as shown on the first panel, it's just a repeating pattern.

Even then, the ball item sprites in RO don't reflect their colors in the item view window. So here, the lotto balls here were colored more to what their sprites looked like, but the exact colors weren't used. They were dark blue (almost black), yellow, red, and then bright blue (not cyan as in the picture).

Of course, we get that in a lot of cases; female mages who are shown having long fishtail-shaped capes stretching down to their ankles, yet in game all that's covering their butt is a mudflap! Maybe that's why so many girls are in a hurry to get the dodge out of magedom and into a marginally more clothed class. I rarely see fishies anymore!

By the way—I'm not going to explain what MVE is going on about. It's one of those things where if you don't get the joke, you're better off not knowing! To make up for that, here's a cute picture of MVE tamed, encased in an egg made of rope, and overfed lotto balls ... and with hair strangely resembling that of a carrot. Or perhaps a blond Beakman. Though his hair would need to be standing straight up (down?) for that!

Get the axel grease!

Comic #255

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