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So this comes out in time for the Ragnarok Online 4th of July event, America's birthday, and the launching of the space shuttle Discovery. The funny thing is, this comic was four comics off from being the exact number of years since the U.S. was founded!

Pertaining to the Ragnarok Online quest, we can get fireworks to set off! They fire out of our heads. That one dancer chick in the background of the first panel, however, is firing hers out of her ear. Just thought you should know!

Here in the U.S. fireworks constantly face getting banned due to the actions of a few idiots when drunk. That's all it takes to ruin the fun for everyone, I swear. (If you didn't notice, I'm a fireworks nut. ;_; )

Doesn't help when the local media stations keep playing the same stock footage of a watermelon exploding due to a military-grade explosive, attributing that to the effects of a common firework. Mishandling legal consumer fireworks are dangerous, and can burn you if you're not careful, but they won't blow half your body apart! Jeez.

No one can tell me only Americans have people who get stupid with fireworks though. I see what you did there! Yeah, I'm talking to you! I know what you did in the street last summer with that very big "firework!"

Comic #256

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