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I should, uh, mention right off the bat ... the comic's title is NOT referring to the bust size of our high priestess here. Though I will say it's somewhat freaky seeing all the iRO art divas portray themselves as busty high priestesses!

This comic has a similar message behind a forum signature I've made for the RO related forums I post/lurk in. Even though RO's main feature is progressing in classes, the vast majority of RO players forget that any classes but the highest ones exist. Back in Beta-2, the very second that second classes were playable, practically everyone portrayed themselves as such. The same thing happened with rebirth classes went public—almost every RO artist forgot about the lower classes.
In the Ragnarok novels, there are only seven Assassins of the Cross (Or SinXes if you prefer). Loki is one of them. None of the seven know of the others. They are to the Assassin's Guild what Delta Force is to the United States armed forces.
In RO, though, the SinX is practically thought of as a common foot soldier. It seems strange that by being one of the lowest classes in the game, I am unique in that regard. There's not many people like me—or like Sniff for that matter, as he is a superswordsman himself ...

Comic #259

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