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We haven't seen enough of Novvy lately. The prudent solution would be to put him in a new comic! (Never you mind the fact he was in the April Fools one!)

Come to think of it, a zoo in Ragnarok Online would probably have signs detailing stuff you wouldn't ever see in a real zoo! It'd all be details that'd make any park ranger or zoo keeper's hair stand on end.

Like, instead of the creature's usual life span or "gestation period," they'd display how long it takes for the creature in question to respawn, how much experience and job experience one would get from killing them, what kind of stuff they might drop if you do kill them, whether or not they're aggressive or kleptomaniacs or can sense magic being cast on them ...

You know, the basics an adventurer needs to know!

Wait. That probably means every RO fansite with a database for monsters is a zoo in and of itself.

... That is either a disturbing or awesome thought.


Actually, forget I asked to do that! Some joker would probably break open the gates and set him loose on an unsuspecting town.

The frightening thing about this line of thought is that, with Novvy in an exhibit here, that probably means this kind of zoo exists in a world where there global PKing is allowed.

Comic #26

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