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Finally! I got this comic out the door after putting it off for so long! I forget if Lunaris had his birthday this week or if he'll have it next, but I was so tired of having to put this comic off I said "Screw it, I am GOING to get this one done this week if it kills me." Thus, I've spent the entire day nonstop working on it.

Fun fact—the pictures you see of Trist here? They were originally meant for this comic, although you started seeing them earlier, like with Lenz's birthday a few updates back. I had meant to do this comic a month ago; I'm afraid that it may have lost its relevance for iRO. However, recently some peeps I know who've got their ears to the ground assured me that ... well ... what you're about to see still happens, and in fact has gotten worse. It's kind of scary to think that this comic might not even be exaggerating! I only went down to Orc Dungeon once or twice this year, and it was pretty ... well ... bad then. I can't quite imagine how things are worse!

Speaking of the Orc Dungeon, why DID the Orc Lord hang out in the Orc Dungeon in the first place? As far as I can tell, it's some kind of catacomb that's full of undead now. Kinda like Payon Dungeon for Orcs. Why would the leader of the orcs spend his time among flesh-eating zombies? Wouldn't they go after HIS flesh? To say nothing of his entourage. Unless he's some kind of necromancer and those zombified orcs are his doing. I guess that'd explain a lot!

As with the Acolyte Day Care Center, I fully expect this comic to lose its relevancy in the coming ages. I mean, it's inevitable; either there's gonna be new content that's more worthwhile to level in (or just draws interest away from the dungeon in general), or the bulk of the players with Alchemist characters are going to outlevel the Orc Dungeon and move on to greener pastures. Or both. For now, though, Alchemists have taken the Orc Dungeon over, leveling themselves/their homunculi up on zenorcs. One can be found exactly one screen-width (that's in 640x480 resolution, mind you) away, and it's made any sort of hunting impossible for others. I find it an abuse of the homunculi system's purpose. Personally, I figured those monsters were meant to aid in hunting (like other MMORPGs), not just let you sit back and do nothing ...

Comic #264

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