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Today, ladies and gentlemen, we are celebrating a trifecta of birthdays! Nth Power, Lunaris, and Rudolph Ravioli all had birthdays within the recent week (or will at least).

It might be because I've only visited the place long after its heyday, but I have not seen many people explore or levelbust around Ayothaya dungeon; this comic was inspired by my experiences there with an alt character. He and his party members died after trying to leave the dungeon, only to find that you can't simply leave, you have to talk to an NPC that breaks into an impromptu speech, giving Wootan Fighters ample time to kill you (seeing as you can't do anything when you're talking to an NPC).

It's a big lesson in using butterfly wings.

Some other dungeons have the same issue, but I don't think any are as lethally annoying as Ayothaya's.

However, I decided to make a generic dungeon reminiscent of Muspell here, because Nth and Lunaris could easily handle the kind of aggro monsters that are in Ayothaya's outer fields.

That and since it's Nth's birthday, it allowed me to reference one of his works I am a big fan of ... whose name would surely bust the width of this rambling column, so I'll call it by its nickname ...

"Skizzy: Urban Legends."

Nth, in the previous incarnation of Skizzy, parodied the "you have to select yes or I won't let you continue" cliche in older console RPGs by having characters lecture you about the French and Indian War if you deviate from the intended plot.

In Skizzy: UL, well ... here, I'll show you the prototype chapter. It's very awesome. In fact, you ought to go read all of Nth Power's stuff at his own webpage.
And MC rules. The only mute character in the world who uses punctuation to talk.
Anyways, happy birthday, Nth/Lunaris/Rudolph Ravioli!

Comic #265

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