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Who knew that tongues could talk?! Or cry, for that matter. Maybe they're just salivating. I blame my fellow iRO web comicers! Spinny and Ktarthan, they made a point of showing Pheeroni saying "aragan ;_;" as shown here and here. Phreeoni is one of the monsters you get tongues from to cook the Steamed Tongue dish.

So you can see why I'm not at all fond of tongue meat, much less from something like Phreeoni or Rybio or Phendark!

Dogs will eat almost anything fed to them! This is proof, and it's also why you should keep an eye on what your pet eats! Though I guess it's not so much of a problem when the dog is undead, like the Verit here.

Fun fact! The chick here is the default female Lord Knight seen in RO's concept art. For those playing the home game, the MVP boss monster Lord of Death is always oozing ghosts (Whispers to be exact) from its body. Soul-haunted bread is made with Amulets from munaks, bonguns, and other undead. I don't know about Miss Lord Knight there, but I wouldn't be bragging about souls seeping out of every crack and orifice!
Now, I know you. You're saying, "But women are known as Ladies in chivalric titles!" That's true! However, both men and women of that class are called "Lord Knights" in RO. If you wanted to get really technical the women should be called "Lady Dames." I think. "Dame" is the proper title for a female knight, in place of "Sir."

Hey there, Dracula! Enjoying that blood soda? No? I don't blame you. Nasty stuff. ALMOST as nasty as Lunaris' Solyent Green fantasies.

Comic #266

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