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This one might seem a little, uh, "cheap" but this comic has an interesting predicament behind it!

See, I had another comic lined up for today. But due to college assignments and labwork I woke up too late to do it. Wracking my brain I was reminded MVE's birthday is on the 22nd, a day after the Ragnarok Wisdom anniversary.

I had forgotten about both, to be honest. :D;;;

I told you guys I'm bad with remembering dates!
Anyway. So I decided it'd be better if I came up with a comic that celebrated MVE's birthday ahead of time, which also references what happened in last year's anniversary comic.

Honestly speaking I don't think I could come up with another comic idea that'd involve both an RW anniversary and MVE's birthday. Especially with college and everything on my tail!

You know, I should never have asked whether MVE'd hurt me or not. I should've known better. ;_;

Well, maybe that's symbolic that I wound up getting all frozen like this. Where I live, it's finally dropped into the 60's. Today was marked by a—I swear I am not making this up—8 hourish thunderstorm. Very vicious lightning. A very dramatic end to the 110+ degrees heat wave we've had.

First Zelse makes me into a chocolate aco and now this!

I've been told that I taste like coffee. And chocolate. Though I think it'd be hard to tell when encased in a block of ice. By the way, I'm still wearing my pants, so that popsicle stick isn't where you might think it is!

Comic #267

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