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Eleven panels! Wow. I don't think I've gone this far with an RW since #100! I can't remember off hand how long that was. I wanna say around twelve panelsish.

... Speaking of which, I didn't realize until I came up with the idea for this comic just how many priests we have in the Ragnarok Wisdom cast. Yow! They could form a barber shop quartet! What better way than to cast something like Gloria? Though I'm sure Talien would portal someone to Glast Heim at the suggestion.

I totally ragdolled there. That pose would be incredibly painful to try and emulate, and would probably involve breaking a few bones! Unless I trained under Dhalsim or something.

For this one, I tried to include most of the regular cast. I left out people like Tristar and El Blargo, though, because as far as RO goes, they're alts of other main characters.

Besides, even though El Blargo would very likely be considered suspect for a murder, everyone probably realizes that if he DID commit murder in that fashion, ot only would there be just a pile of ashes, but he'd burn down the whole fugging manor, too.

I mean, in that sense, his alibi is a lot more obvious than some of the others I could mention!

... I don't know what I was on when I added the "Ha! Ha! I'm Using The Internet" guy to this comic. It's like last year and referencing Deus Ex 1 with the title.

Isn't that an actual ad from ... the 1920's, I'd guess? Maybe earlier? I'm not sure, but I recall hearing that it is. Now, for the long-awaited conclusion to the 4th Year Anniversary of RW!

Anybody ever play Clue/Cluedo? I guess the name you're more familiar with depends on where you come from. I actually never played the game, but pop culture has been so infused with it that even I know about Colonel Mustard and his Grey Poupon in the dining room with the spare butter knife!

It was him, I tell you! He was the guy who did in Dr. David Black! Or John Boddy as we know him in the U.S.

Check out Spinny's turntable-wielding action!

He spun me right round, like a record. ;_;

I don't blame Spinny for not actually coming to the party ...

Rudolph Ravioli does indeed have the power to turn people into Bob Hope with a mere utterance.

That's why I'm glad I have Pneuma to defend myself against such superpowers!

You'd be surprised just how close to an Emperium cluster a quartz crystal looks, too.

All you gotta do is make some minor color adjustments and viola!

Come to think of it, quartz also looks like Oredicon ...

Or Tiberium ... Well, if it looked like Tiberium, it'd have to be green or blue.

... GASP!



I bet you guys were thinking that it was really ketchup!



Ketchup and playing dead isn't nearly as weirdly painful and tingly.

Thinking about it, falling on a crate of red potions must be like going through what someone like Wolverine goes through on a daily basis.

You know, Wolverine, the Marvel mutant superhero? Powers of extreme regeneration?
I remember there was one comic where they were doing surgery on him, and the incisions were rapidly closing after being made!

Comic #268

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