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Well, I'm feeling better for the most part now. That sickness I mentioned from the previous comic had me down for the count for quite a while ... buut I won't go over all of that noise again.

No rest for the sick, though! Much needs to be done, starting with this comic—oh wait, I finished the comic. Okay! Starting with this rambling column!

I'd like to thank Theogrin for pointing out that Canada is celebrating its Thanksgiving ... uh ... well, he didn't tell me when and I don't know for sure!

I assume it's either today or within the week though. Heck, I have a hard time remembering when our Thanksgiving is, at least until the week it happens.

Honestly, I have no idea how Nth got his hands on that RSX robot. I mean, RSX is the MVP of Einbech's mines, and you just don't put a leash on a MVP! Especially RSX. Mean SOB, that RSX.

Maybe he found a way to dispose of the little black gooey miner evil spirit thingies that seme to inhabit all the monsters down there. Maybe he stuffed a Marine Sphere into the cockpit with a bundle of explosive pot.

I'm surprised, though, that none of them ever remarked that the Corrigated (pun!) pies tasted like meat pies though. Must be that AGI build of his. He's not meaty enough!

Comic #270

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