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Alright! We're halfway to #300!

Everybody you see here is us—the main cast of Ragnarok Wisdom, the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard guild members—in another time and place! In other words, this features the characters I've played in other MMORPGs, and in some cases, those of fellow CoRMers. Or friends of such who've been part of the CoRM analogue guilds in said MMORPGs.

Like in this panel of Anarchy Online. The guy named Veregar is my AO counterpart. The grey-skinned dude is Jechno, an Opifex Fixer that is Sniff's counterpart. The blue-haired guy is Syranek, a Solitus Soldier who is Lunaris' counterpart. The leet is the former maintainer of RW's oekaki boards, Ippy. (That actually happened in AO, by the way. Sort of. The Guardian of Tomorrow chased me halfway through the temple, and it is as big and as nasty as it appears here! )

The big android (RAcast) in the Phantasy Star Online panel, "F Gattaca," is also my counterpart. Tristan is (predictably) one of the women whacking me on the head. (The other—well, you know who you are, Raura!) The weapon I'm holding is the Meteor Crush from PSO, and since it looks a lot like a Homeworld ship ... you get the idea.

He's also turned out to be my main character in Phantasy Star Universe, although I didn't initially plan on doing that.

I'd rather not divulge the name of my WoW character or the one I was using for the brief time I was in A Tale in the Desert.

(Though I WILL say that the girl in this panel is not me: That's Sedelyan. A friend and big-name person in the ATiTD community.)

In those circumstances someone could easily try to pretend they were me given the many severs (WoW) or temporary status (ATiTD) of characters.

Yes, I played Alliance on WoW. If you're about to flame me for playing Alliance, you'll be acting out one of the big reasons I was turned off WoW. Pathological hatred of people on the other side. Competition is one thing but the stuff I've seen in World of Warcraft goes beyond even the most fanatical sports fans.

Boy, I sure have been through quite a few MMOs!

Comic #272

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