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An early Halloween comic, given that in the past few years I always made a Halloween comic on the day of Halloween. Though, I don't know if I can keep that tradition this year; things've been chaotic to say the least. Wedge resections don't help either! ;_;

I finally got around to recognizing the existence of my dark doppleganger. I know I'm full of myself by claiming I'm the original acolyte (especially since I wasn't exactly around for RO's Alpha), but I've been around longer than he has! You know what?! I bet HE was the star of DL Action when he was alive. EVERYONE'S MISTAKING ME FOR HIM!

Speaking of mistakes! Do you guys know how many fangirls there are of those Lighthalzen Biolabs monsters? Well, they're mostly fangirls of the trans class monsters, not the lesser ones like my dark doppleganger. I guess having fangirls willing to throw themselves at you is a nice offset for being tortured to death in horrible magical experiments by the Rebenker company! ... Maybe.

I'll say this though, I was so tickled by the coincidence that today was Sunday, and Halloween was Tuesday, that I couldn't help but reference Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected. Well, not a direct reference— more like a reference to that Flash movie parody of a Rejected scene I did before I started Ragnarok Wisdom—"Burning Time."

Here's some trivia! I named the flash movie "Burning Time" after seeing a Prontera Parish screenshot where El Blargo was burning people with Fire Wall spam, and—I believe it was Auron—who said "burning time" as everyone got a tan KFC style. But yeah—I realize that I didn't include El Blargo and Rudolph Ravioli (yes, that's Rudy as Victoreet) in the cast list. I blame Sniff, Trist, and Rudolph for having long names! I AM BLAMING TEH VICTIM!!1

Well, Trist wasn't, but he's a victim of one-panel appearances, SO HE FITS.

Comic #273

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