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So it turned out that Merchant Guild wasn't as well known as I thought it was! Well, ah ... let's hope this comic tickles more funny bones this time.

I should hope so ... and if not, um ... I'll uh ... mace myself in the face?

Speaking of maces, up until around this point the whole concept of clergy using blunt weapons was lost to me, until Lucieve of the Prontera Parish told me about the historical precedent: Clergymen in the Catholic (and Protestant) churches were forbidden to shed blood, so weapons designed to pierce or cut were out of the question. Maces, being blunt weapons, were seen as a viable alternative.

When you think about that, swordmaces seem kind of counterproductive! Then again, so do Morning Stars, what with all those spikes.

You gotta admit though, the fact SWORDmaces exist in Ragnarok Online is kind of ... supicious. Just WHO could come up with something like that?

Especially if you consider that 8-Bit Theater existed before Ragnarok Online did. Well ... I think. If I recall correctly, 8-Bit Theater began in 1999 or 2000... And the first alphas of Ragnarok Online were available in the fall of 2001.

Brian Clevenger, you said you wanted more 8-Bit Theater references in other places, well ...

Comic #28

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