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This is another one of those comic ideas that I've had stewing for a while but never sat down and tried to write out.

And I do mean a while. It's been like two years at least. That's how long this kind of thing has been a problem!

Griefing has changed a lot but there's always one constant about it—if there's some kind of exploit, people WILL use it to kill hapless passerby and vending merchants by the droves. People can't be trusted to be responsible!

We're going through one of those phases right now on iRO. A few nights ago I saw some jerkwads proudly displaying the party name "Prontera Terrorists" and purposely trying to kill everyone in the city by creating aggro mobs and training them into people.

There's a pattern, though: after a while Gravity clamps down on whatever exploit allows griefers to be the rotten cabbages they are.

For DBing, it only really happens around the fields closest to Prontera, and wherever Elder Willows are found. The places where free trial bots run by those @&*# real money traders are present tend to get DBed too.
That makes travel between Izlude and Prontera suck, to say the least. Izlude's regained some of its old-en-days status as a transportation hub, since it has that international airship port now. That means having to brave the southern Prontera field to get there.

That means things like this can happen. Speaking of which, I had a rather funny close call where Mutant Dragonoid was DBed right behind me and proceeded to use a skill on the DBer, as I was walking into Prontera's gates.

Comic #280

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