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By the way guys, I really do recommend doing these quests. They're pretty fun.

Well, at least it's fun in the sense it's a break from grinding—and any MMORPG needs stuff like that!

That and I like the quests in that they actually try to bring a sense of story into RO. It's needed that for a while too!

And yeah, you get EXP for doing quests like this. A lot of EXP.

Assuming you have all the items you need for said quests it can be a lot faster than leveling to get the same amount.

And it's funny, I found out that RO now has working bars through this quest. I got to see two drunks hamming it up in a Morrocan bar this way.

By the way, Nth's "oops" here is amigouisly pointing towards the northeast of Morroc because I don't know precisely which field the ice rune (well, they call it a crest) is in. The Wind crest is west of Morroc and the Earth crest is south, though.
Say hi to the Nthcicle!

Comic #281

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