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Whether it was intentional, a glitch, or mistake, I don't think (or at least hope) that there won't be a rollback or anything over this event ...

After all, these Crystals drop tons of White Chocolate and Cake—which is worth mucho money to the NPCs. *_*
(Bet I scared some people making that emote!)

Either way, this one of the few opportunites for someone like me to get zeny.

I'm not part of a well-connected WoE guild, nor a dedicated MVPing guild—so I don't have the millions of zeny others have.

It doesn't bother me at all, though, because that's not what the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard are all about. You've just got to earn it other ways!

But man ... even the WoErs get snappy over these crystals. I was actually on Geffen's WoE field as Novvy and found one by its lonesome. This female professor from Valour ran up and tried to outdamage Novvy with a spell, then ninja the loot it dropped. When it didn't quite work as she planned she ran off.

Doesn't Valour mean "heroic courage" and "boldness in the face of great danger?" Hmm ... Is Novvy really that dangerous, to require such behavior? I guess anyone with a machinegun would be.

... Come to think of it, most of the guild of Valour swarmed Novvy when he was spectating in a WoE castle. Okay, that kind of bloodlust is more or less expected, but wow. Seemed a bit like overkill.

Anyway: Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men! (Load knows it won't happen in Rune-Midgard.)

Comic #283

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