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You'd think that a comic based almost entirely on the Geffen concept art wallpaper thing by Gravity's concept artists would be easy to make, but this actually took a bit of time editing it to look like a New Year's Eve party!

To say nothing of that ball.

... Huh. I just now noticed, with that ball at the apex, Geffen Tower kind of looks like a birthday hat. What kind of giant would wear a city for a hat, though?

Not like it's going to matter in a few seconds!

Not in the sense that the hat question will be rendered moot, but—wait, I guess it WOULD be rendered moot from what's about to happen here.

Whose idea was it to pack that thing full of marine spheres, anyway?!

Well—wait. ... We DID put El Blargo in charge there. He probably packed it full of the things just for this moment!

We should never have trusted him. ;_;

Either way, I hope you guys have a happy end of 2006.

Oh, and enjoy the brief ability to greet people from the past or future!

By calendar years, anyway.

Oh, and double oh: Note to self.

Never let El Blargo operate the ball for New Year's Eve, ever again. THIS IS NO WAY TO RING IN THE NEW YEAR!

Comic #284

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