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Heh ... I was a bit stumped on this one! Hugel came out for iRO Sakray (and some of the other official servers) not too long ago. As far as I can tell Hugel's coming this early was a shock/surprise to people, who were expecting it to come sometime in March or April. Whatta new year present, huh?

I'm not sure how far behind this puts us from kRO itself. Hugel is the last of the Schwarzwald Republic updates, the final city in the collection. Next is the Arnafeltz series of updates. Rael, and um ... I think one other city. So that makes two updates?

By the way, speaking of Arnafeltz, did you guys know that for years, this blurb of text was on the iRO website:

"Recently, word has it that the eastern nation Arnafeltz, who worship the goddess Freyja, is training and gathering a strong army. In response, King Tristan III has encouraged the activities of Knight and Wizard guilds."

I guess Arnafeltz will be the name iRO chooses for that nation. It's also important to note that the same page explains that the Rune-Midgard Kingdom worships Odin. The Schwarzwald Republic seems to take a more scientific approach to the Aesir. With knights like Lunaris around, though, I'm not sure how much help the Prontera Chivalry will be!

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