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I'm surprised. I didn't think that, a mere week later, the Hugel update would come to the main servers. o_o

I can't remember at the moment if the Noghalt and Lighthalzen updates came as quickly after appearing on Sakray, but it is a surprise.

And not only that, iRO is holding another "level up quick" contest involving Ninjas and Gunslingers. So, it was a pretty good time to make this comic a reality!

I just might have to start calling the male ninjas "Hammerpants." You could totally have a group of them backing up MC Hammer in his "Can't Touch This" dance.

And man, don't get me started on the ninja chicks. This drawing of the default female ninja IS NOT EXAGGERATED. She really is bare naked.
As Nth Power observed in a recent IM convo, "you can't call female mages fishy anymore."

At least femalge mages have a buttcape! These girls have a really short mudflap!

Comic #286

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