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Man, I don't know why, but something is really creeping me out about how I look in that first panel. I can't figure out what ... something in the mouth and eyes ... Anyway! On with the comicry!

This is based on a true story. As you know (but I'll say for future generations), iRO's Christmas event last month included part of the jRO anniversary event (since iRO and jRO share patches, and jRO's anniversary falls within the same time span as Christmas). That anniversary event flooded the iRO community with gift boxes.

Upon his return to RO, Saint Damien had a really strange lucky streak with gift boxes—he kept getting a LOT of Emperium.

Even after the event was over, when he found a gift box and opened it, he got emperium quite often. Which is better than the dyes, jewels, and dolls that were found by most of us!

I suspect he's got some werepeco blood in him.

Comic #287

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