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This comic is referring to the time in Closed Beta-2 Part 2 when Gravity did one of two really bad foulups... They accidentally turned on PVP. Worldwide. It was everywhere, and you could PK anyone. That was a nightmare for anyone who wanted to play normally!

Reminds me too much of another MMORPG I once played called Graal. GOOD LOAD, that was horrid. Full-force unadultrated PVP, no restrictions (practically). Lamers abounded, killing random people and newbies for their millionth kill, or camping out at the bank to kill people and get their money. If RO's official PVP system is going to be like that, hell, I won't play.

You gotta admit though, Lenz has a point there.

Come to think of it, that priest kinda looks like me, too ... ! Maybe if I ever class up to Priest, that's what I'll wind up looking like.

(Let me just say that the chances of that happening are like a snowball's chance in Muspellheim, just to be clear!)

Comic #29

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