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Okay ... I gotta say first, for posterity—this was an experimental comic that Karaen of the Prontera Parish and Saint Damien brought up with me. I really liked the idea, and thus made it happen! If you enjoy this comic, be sure to prop both of them up on pedestals of kudos, for they deserve the kudos.

When I released this comic, it was intentionally left unfinished, with just two panels available for reading when the comic was uploaded on Sunday. This comic then received an additional panel every day after.

It made for an interesting experiment! I think others felt the same way as well.

I really wound up exercising my GIMPeriffic muscles here, since Corigan's not doing much in this comic (does he ever?)—but hey, it's better than just dropping a random picture into the background and blurring it! Even though that's still kinda what I did ...

How many ways can I play with the scenery?! Let's find out!

If you're reading this, I'll give you a hint—what you're seeing may not be what you think you're seeing.

And this is the comic as it was on Valentine's Day!

No, this comic's not over yet. Some people saw this coming, and I do admit I didn't try to hide this pattern.

For fun, read this comic while listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The classical music, that is. Although that would probably be better served as an animation set to the song ...

... Though admittedly, there's not much TO animate here ...


Heh heh. When Karaen and Saint Damien suggested this comic to me, I decided to throw in a few significant twists. Including this, at the end. If you don't understand—Corigan didn't actually alt tab. He got lagged off the server!

This was the old Open Beta-1 disconnect error message.

Comic #290

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