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I had been planning on finishing a comic this week that I started last week, but had to ditch due to time constraints, when I heard the news that the official RO server for Australia and Oceania kicked the bucket.
Wow. I didn't think oRO would have been the first to up and die like that.
The final shut down of the server happened two days ago.

I don't know the details as to why oRO died off. At least, none that I can confirm. I've heard oRO players say that the amount of players plummeted until only a few hundred people remained—not enough income to maintain the service, it'd seem.

As to why that happened, I've heard a lot blamed on the GMs and the company running oRO, but again, at the time I wrote this rambling column I'm not clear on all the facts. So, all I can say for sure is that oRO is dead. And if memory serves, that would make it the official RO server to die. Yet, even as oRO dies out, more official RO services have cropped up. There's that company hosting an RO server for Spanish-speaking players, and then there's the one for Brazil ... I forget how recent the one in Russia is.

Either way—iRO has offered to transfer oRO players' characters to their service. As it would seem that a lot of oRO's players are indeed going to keep playing RO—or stay legit at least—I wonder how much of a boost iRO's servers will get in population. After all, iRO's been kind of quiet if you don't count the RMT bot spam. I think a lot of that can be attributed to the divide and conquer aspect—IRO is international, each new official service subsumes a portion of the player base.

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