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FINALLY! I had pushed finishing this comic back week after week, but the third time's a charm—I finally got the friggin' thing done, and now I can share it all with you!

Anyway, this sort of happened, but it wasn't Nth Power that did it, it was me on one of my merchant alts.

In actual fact, the Green Ales didn't sell THAT well as they did in this comic, at least during/before WoE sessions. Instead, some time after a guild war concluded, someone bought my entire stash when I relocated from the town center where all the tool/pot merchants vend, to the benches in the southwestern part of town.

Most of the people in this panel are just default characters with the exception of two—the priestess and the male knight. Well, mostly the priestess. The male knight I just decided to color after one of her friends. It was just an impulsive cameo though, At least the WoE guildies are too drunk to care about getting mortally wounded!

Comic #296

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