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Easter's come and gone, with only about 12 minutes left as I'm writing this. Still, iRO's Easter quest will continue for a few days more and I really ought to take part in it—I've been so busy fixing up the crappy job I initially did with the April Fool's flash, I had no time to log in on RO.

So, for posterity (and because I know a lot of people reading don't play iRO ... or even play legitimately) I'll provide some background on this!

There was a special quest which was kind of like a cross between an Easter Mass church service, and ... well ... easter eggs.

You assisted the Prontera church in creating holy eggs for church services—you got EXP for doing this.

Once you had made about fifty of the eggs, you could return to Prontera and a church service would commence—an announcement concerning the coming service would occur, and soon after anyone who was at the church would recieve a really nice blessing!

Some have compared the blessing's potentcy to the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer buff in World of Warcraft, where if a raiding group manages to kill the dragon raid boss Onyxia, EVERYONE in the capital city of the raiding guild's side gets a buff that lasts for two hours(!).

A pretty nice one, too, judging from the time I played WoW's free trial.

In the case of the Easter buff iRO's giving out, it's an hour-or-so-long +6 bonus to three of your stats (at random), and if the services occured in rapid succession, there was a chance you could get all SIX of your stats boosted. Wow!

So yeah—I gotta get in on that, definitely!

It's worth it to see Kawaii-chan and Novvy the Novice together again, right? We haven't seen them a whole lot.

Although ... this is a bit different kind of "together" ...


Silly girls.

Comic #298

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