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Today's comic is an object lesson in "the more things change, the more they stay the same!"

Originally, when bot farmers began infesting iRO, they chose red-haired swordsmen. Sir Hawkeye had an old Prontera Parish banner making light of that, since he's a red-haired swordsman himself. As time went on, though, the bot herders began using more thieves and rogues, and now they're using acolytes out the wazoo. My guess is they're thinking that if they use acolytes, they'll be harder to catch "in the act," since teleportation is a natural Acolyte skill.

They WOULD be right, if it weren't for their insta-teleport spam. It's a hack, anyway. I don't think they could make a "profit" off what they do if their bots legitimately bought fly wings, given how much they cost and how much space they take up. Even if they did, it'd be easy to spot the RMT bot herders from their names. You can't tell me quyrfgws or zxyxzyx2 isn't a bot!

Comic #299

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