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The Prontera Parish sure does get a lot of cameos in my comic, don't they? Actually ... This time there's one Parish member, one NPC from RO, and one member of the Merchant Guild!

Though, the Prontera Parish and Merchant Guild are pretty tightly-knit. The Merchant Guild hosts the Prontera Parish forums and website, and many members of one are members of the other with an alternate character.

For the record! Father Maruweiss, the NPC here, was the name of the cleric at the Prontera church who handled class changing for Novices wanting to be Acolytes.

He played a significant role in a lot of Prontera Parish stories and roleplaying, as did the nun who sold cleric equipment near the altar.

The guys in the Parish used to call Maruweiss "Maruchan." Both a brand of ramen and a Japanese honorific of endearment! Delicious multi-layered punnage.

Comic #3

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