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I think this is the first time I've released two comics in one day; mainly because I realized what day it was, and that that day required SOME kind of a special, given whose (re)birth day it is!

I found out that what we think of as Easter—Easter eggs and the Easter bunny, even the name Easter—are really footnotes from Eastre, an Anglo-Saxon festival. The first Christian missionaries to the British Isles, Anglo-Saxon traditions were carried over into Christian observances. Eastre was on the same day as the observance of Christ's resurrection.

Eggs are a symbol of rebirth in many cultures (including the Anglo-Saxons), and the rabbit was a divine avatar for a god in the Anglo-Saxon pantheon. They got carried over into modern times, albeit in commercialized, distorted forms—and that's what led to us having chocolate bunnies and colored eggs!

Interesting history, eh? It makes me wonder what, exactly, religions are like the Myung-Jin Lee's world. The church in Prontera seems quasi-Catholic, barring all the joking references to GOD-Poing ...

Comic #30

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