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We're back at that time of the year where birthdays are like one big zerg rush! Imagine that. Birthday cake zerglings. I'm not sure I'd want zergified birthday cakes. Anything the Zerg touches gets all organic and gross.

I don't know if the Brando Family thing is exclusive to iRO or not, so I'll explain—in iRO, the Brando Family is a recurring theme in quests.

They often appear and at times seem like a passive-aggressive jab towards the nature of RO quests themselves, the players, or possibly both at once. F'instance, last Thanksgiving the Brando family was in Lighthalzen and one of the kids mused out loud before giving his quest: "Okay ... menial task for adventurer ... " which turned out to fetch items—which is true of most Brando family quests, it seems. At least you get EXP for doing their bidding, heh.

They're back this year for Mother's Day—I haven't done the quest yet, but word on the street is, it's not too useful except at a certain range of levels. Dunno if it'd apply to me or not, but I'll at least give it a poke before maintenance. I know the Thanksgiving one was pretty good.

Speaking of the Brando family, most of this stuff was just one big jumble in my head, no real idea except for what you just saw. So I took that and tried to go somewhere with it.

Have I gone somewhere good? Can we stop by the side of the road for souvenirs and maybe a few tourist traps? Hopefully so!

I need to count and see how many comics Gut Funk's been in where he hasn't exploded or turned into a peco. I don't think I have him do it often.

Comic #303

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