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Behold! It's Return to Castle Glast Heim! I wonder which one of these guys would fit B.J. Black ... blask ... Ballast ...


You know who I'm talking about, right? The main hero of Castle Wolfenstein and the remakes of that series?

His surname's like Blascokwtitz or something. Polish is my Achilles' Heel! (At least I think he's Polish.)

The idea for this comic has been stewing in my head for years. I think everyone who's ever touched Ragnarok Online at all is well familiar with this.

After all, even when you can buy flywings by the bucketload, you'll probably experience this at least briefly while in a party or somesuch.

It's practically the human condition of Ragnarok Online, after all!

That doesn't keep it from being frustrating as all get out, though. I remember, way back in the day, I kicked the bucket in Orc Village that way—and to my credit, I had no SP, and never thought about carrying flywings.

I still don't, to be honest! I always get in the mindset that since I'm an Acolyte I don't have to worry about wasting inventory zpace and money on flywings. Then something like this happens!

Suffice to say I was mad as a hornet after dying while trying to escape the long arm of an orc.

I gotta say—it's true that Lenz, as a Thief, could probably have just used Backslide to get away from that Rybio. He probably wasn't thinking about it.

Much like I wasn't thinking about flywings that time ...

Comic #304

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