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It's true—there are people out there who want to shake it or play it, and not be restricted just because they've got boobs or submarines.

Although when I step back and take a look, I THINK it's more the women who want to be minstrels and bards without having to crossdress. (And perhaps some crossdressing men, too.)

I can count two pictures off the top of my head which I've seen involving this subject; well, three, really, but I avoided looking to keep from burning my eyes.

There was a pretty cool one of a default female archer pretending to play a violin with her bow and arrow, wishing to be a bard. Another was a "what if" concept artwork of a female Minstrel.

When you see the punchline of this one, you'll probably be thinking "You waited THIS long to do a comic on this subject?"

(Which you should be seeing riiight ...
about ... NOW!)

*ahem* Well, yeah!

All the big-name webcomics out there were doing jokes about the movie "300" involving "THIS IS SPARTA" and kicking people off cliffs and somesuch. Although I kinda hope my observation is new. Probably not; I'm certain someone else has already discovered this about Xeres.
If you can't see the resemblance in appearance—look at the mesh underwear they're both wearing, as well as the chains and abundance of necklaces. They're both wearing a lot of gold and Xerxes was also seen wearing some kind of cape thing.
Funny thing is, I have yet to see the movie.

Poor Polarias.
This is what he gets for his birthday. ;_;

Comic #305

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