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I keep breaking my own records. As of this update, this comic is now the longest comic in Ragnarok Wisdom—and Mark Van Exel is the star of the show for today!

Anyway! I know the old man calls it "Tiger Footskin," but I prefer to call it feet. Much simpler that way. Any objections? Yes, you in the back! *KER-MACE!* ... Anyone else?

You know, thinking about it ... with the way things have gone in RO's updates, you'd think that the whole backstory about the ominous happenings in Midgard is just a formality to get hats!

"Yes, yes, the world is going to be in grave danger. The fate of mankind's existence rests in your hands."

"Now ... go out there and find me some hair growth tonic so I can give you this egg timer hat!"

I guess it IS an incentive to get people to go out there and explore the game world, though. Though, we ARE talking about Eddga. He has other cool stuff he can drop aside from the skin of his feet! Like Firebrand, for example.

Or wait, no, they call it Fireblend. Either way! It's a cool sword and that's that!

I want a mace that slings fireballs when I swing it. ;_;


... Okay, so maybe getting five sets of Eddga's skinned feet is easier than getting your hands on a Firebrand.


Burning blender.


IT'S A COOL SWORD AND IT'S ON FIRE. I will admit it has less of a drop chance than the feet, but only by like, one percent! You'd probably find a Fireblend after killing Eddga 66 times, and a footskin after 40 times. It's not that remote!

... Wow, when I put it that way, it's kind of scary the kind of pain we're willing to go through just for a hat.

More importantly! From all the people who have given this guy Eddga's feet in return for boy's caps, shouldn't he be, like, an invincible immortal baby now?

He says groping a foot makes you ten years younger, right? He must have groped quite a bit of tiger's feet in his time!

Ah well, status quo is status quo! Besides, if he actually ever did get better he probably wouldn't go on to become the best old man rap star that iRO has ever seen.

Comic #31

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